Published Sun, Sep 16, 18.
Written by Kodera News.

In Kodera
2018-well-rig-web2.jpegAs many of you know, the big news from Kodera is the new well at the school.  After drilling two bore holes that were dry, a third try - this time 150 meters down in Christopher's banana yard - yielded 3 cubic meters of water per hour.  At the right, you can see the drilling rig, with some of the first water pouring out at the bottom.

Next they will dig a ditch to pipe it across the road to the school where they will build a water tower and be able to get water right there.  Up til now, it has taken four women all day long, every day, walking 1/4 mile to the nearest water, and returning to the school with 5 gallon buckets.  This is a great thing for the community as well, since Christopher plans to make water available to others for a small fee, that will then be used to help pay for maintenance of the school buildings.


In Sammamish
This Sunday (September 2nd) at 11:30 there will be a lunch event in the PLCC Community Room to share highlights from the recent  trip to Kodera.  

Charlotte Morin is joining the PLCC Missions Team, and will work with Priscilla and the Team by focusing on the Kodera website and increasing communication with student sponsors and other Kodera supporters.


Besides Kodera News, we'll also be letting you know about your sponsorship status on a regular basis.  Sponsorship is $30 per month, paid monthly, or $360 per year.

There are lot of kids who are not current on their sponsorship, so if you're a sponsor and you're not certain your student is current, please check.  To find out, you can contact Charlotte at, reply to this email, or log in to REACH at this link.  Thanks!